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What Are The Best Hair Blow Dryers That Keep Your Hair Healthy?

The number of hair blow dryers currently available is simply overwhelming. There are many different brands, different types and models of hair dryers and unless you know exactly what you want to get and why, you might just buy the wrong model for your particular type of hair.

The first distinction that you have to make is regarding the various hair blow dryer models.

 Currently you can find 5 different types based on various technologies:

Here is a quick overview of each model.

Traditional Hair Dryers

These are the old style hair dryers that we knew since we were kids, our parents and grand parents were using them as well. They have been first introduced in the 1920s and they were made of a small engine and a coile wire heating element. As the element got hot the motor blew the air over the coil and out the nozzle. One of the major problems with this hair dryer model is that they give positive ions which actually damage the hair. They open up the hair cuticles that cover the hair shaft and leave you with a fizzy, dry look that people know as 'blow dried' look. These days there is hardly anyone using these types of hair dryers.

Ionic Hair Dryers

bio ionic idry nano hair dryerThe Ionic Hair Dryers give negative ions that break down the moisture into tiny droplets that are very easily absorbed by the hair shaft. This means that you spend less time on drying your hair. As a consequence your hair is healthier, glossier and shinier, having also more body volume.

The way the actual ionic hair dryers work is that the charged negative ions that are delivered with the warm air break down the water molecule. These then are very easily absorbed by the drying hair.

The hair becomes shiner, fuller and softer, and it becomes also more manageable. Another benefit of using these blowdryers is the fact that they preserve the natural oils in the hair and seal in the moisture.

Ceramic Hair Dryer

Using ceramic in hair care products is not something new. It has been used already in hair straighteners (hair irons) but only recently has been introduced as ceramic hair dryers as well. The ceramic has the property of heating up evenly, giving out a consistent heat which give a greater drying option for your hair.

Because it heats up evenly, the ceramic hair dryer doesn't need many temperature controls. You only need here low and high regulator. Ceramic also has the tendency of reducing bacteria formation so your hair as a consequence is healthier, not to mention the positive effect it has on your scalp.tourmaline tools lite hair dryer

Tourmaline Hair Dryer

Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that emits lots of negative ions when it is heated. Once crushed and added to the ceramic element of the dryer, it increases the negative ions up to 6 times, which reduces hair drying time substantially. This brings much better results to your hair.

Usually tourmaline hair dryers also include ionic and ceramic componenets.

Nano-Silver Hair Dryer 

CHI nano hair dryerThe tourmaline is the latest technology that is used in hair blow dryers. This simply kills almost 100% of all the bacteria on the hair dryers, which means that it's way better even than the ceramic model.

So far not all the manufacturers have started producing tourmaline blowdryers, and those who have, possess already a great advantage versus those that are still lagging behind.

Nevertheless all manufacturers will start using this technology in their products as well, adding it to their own hair dryers models.

There are many hair blow dryers that are using a mixture of models, for example some use ceramic with tourmaline technology, others have all three, ionic+ceramic+tourmaline. On the following pages I will review some of the most popular types of hair blow dryers, comparing the features and benefits of each, not neglecting any negative aspects that the hair dryers might also have.

If you are interested in a review of hair dryers that have not been reviewed here, leave a note in the comment area below and if enough interest, I will pick up the hair blow dryer and review it here for you.

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